RC213V-S is the road-going version of RC213V.
With RC213V, ease of handling is needed to win. Thoroughly-increased mass centralization and heavily-reduced friction losses were two goals in increasing performance levels as high as possible.
For MotoGP bikes, when it comes to manufacturing something so different to a regular production bike, the following points are very important:

PRICE Honda RC213V-S :  MSRP US$ 184,000

Component weight reduction and processing accuracy
High level of technical proficiency during manufacture
RC213V-S shares these two factors with RC213V, also adopting the latter’s control technology.

RC213V is customized according to its rider and race course, only being equipped with the parts needed to win. RC213V-S however is for public roads, so we had to make some changes and additions to create a roadworthy bike. While RC-213V-S is mostly identical to RC213V, the following modifications had to be made:
Pneumatic valves were replaced with coil springs (although the camshaft gear train remains the same). The seamless gearbox was also replaced with a regular road-going one. These parts are more durable for long term use and were adopted from the readily available RCV1000R open category racing bike.
To meet road laws, RC213V-S is equipped with head/taillights, side mirrors, speedometer, muffler with catalytic converter, license plate holder, horn, etc.
RC213V-S gets upgrades for practicality. Tires, brake discs and pads are new, while the bike’s steering ratio is now wider. Extra equipment includes Honda’s Smart Key, a starter motor and parking stand.
We’ve also created a sports kit for racing on closed circuits.

With RC213V-S, we set out to recreate RC213V’s handling for use on public roads. We made sure that each component differs from mass-produced items in their materials, surface treatment and manufacture to improve rigidity and strength while reducing weight – just like RC213V. Each part is also processed by hand and machined to the same specifications as RC213V – the highest possible.

A completed RC213V’s packaging is centered around thorough mass centralization that aims to take performance to the limit.

Not only with race bikes but in any Supersport class, the reduction of inertia figures, that is, increasing mass centralization, greatly influences the dynamics of a completed bike. A bike’s inertia figures are mostly influenced by its weight and category, but there are two ways to reduce them: lower the weight of components located far from the bike’s center of gravity, or relocate them to be closer.

RC213V-S’s packaging mirrors that of RC213V. This includes body component materials and production processes.

While we needed to equip RC213V-S with a bigger battery and other electronics to meet road laws and improve practicality, these components were located as close to the bike’s center of gravity as possible, reducing inertia and improving dynamics.

The dedicated sports kit available for closed circuit racing does even better, matching RC213V’s inertia values altogether.

RC213V-S was designed for use on public roads, but we have created a sports kit enabling even more dynamic riding on closed circuits.

In this Sports Kit, Kit parts below are included.

-Engine control unit
-Fr air duct
-Exhaust muffler
-AI joint cover set
-Spark plug
-Loadcell type quick shifter
-Gear shift drum (reverse)
-Data logger set
-Rr cushion connecting rod
-Fr brake pad
-Fr brake lever remote adjuster
-Thermostat set
-Sprocket set
-Clutch guard (CFRP)
-Fr cowl under cover
-Fr winker hole plug
-Seat back rubber
-Lower cowl drain cap
-Harness modification set
-Fr/Rr maintenance stand
-Indoor machine cover


Engine Type Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 4-valve DOHC V-4
Carburation PGM-DSFI electronic fuel injection with φ48mm throttle bodies
Bore x Stroke (mm) 81.0×48.5
Compression Ratio 13
Engine Displacement (cm3) 999
Max. Power Output 75kw[101HP]/8000rpm
Max. Torque 90N・m[66lbf・ft]/8000rpm
Brakes Front φ320 x 5.5 mm dual hydraulic disc (YUTAKA) with 4-piston calipers and m/c (Brembo)
Brakes Rear φ220 x 5 mm hydraulic disc (YUTAKA) with 2-piston caliper (Brembo) amd m/c (Nissin)
Suspension Front Telescopic with gas-charged TTX25 (Öhlins) spring preload ,compression and rebound damping adjustment, 130mm stroke
Suspension Rear Pro-Link with gas-charged TTX36 (Öhlins) spring preload, compression and rebound damping adjustment, 64mm stroke
Tire Front 120/70 ZR17 M/C Bridgestone RS10
Tire Rear 190/55 ZR17 M/C Bridgestone RS10
Wheels Front 7-spoke forged magnesium (Marchesini)
Wheels Rear 7-spoke forged magnesium (Marchesini)
Frame type Diamond
Dry Weight (kg) 172 (380 lb)
Curb Weight (kg) 190 (418 lb)
Caster Angle 24°35'
Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 2110x790x1120(81x31x44 in)
Ground Clearance (mm) 120(4.7 in)
Seat Height (mm) 830(32.7 in)
Trail (mm) 105(4.1 in)
Wheelbase (mm) 1465(57.7 in)
Clutch Dry, multiplate with coil spring
Gearbox 6-speed, constant mesh

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